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Biographical Info DJ Luka “the Canadian Icon” Miller, from Stoney Creek, Ontario, Canada, has been immersed in the music business for over 28 years. It started off with simple gigs at a local roller rink when he was 15 and progressed into school dances. Not much time passed before he landed nightclub and bar shows, only to begin traveling internationally for various events. Performing and crafting music has always been an outlet for Luka, but before he ever touched the equipment himself, people like Jazzy Jeff, Cash Money, and Grandmaster Flash influenced him growing up more than he first realized. He grew up loving and enthralled with beats, so it was only a matter of time before he became exactly what he loved. He’s mastered a plethora of events, but specializes in clubs, bars, weddings, corporate events, cruises, and Live to Air events. He has inarguable experience and talent as a DJ, no matter the size of the event. Though, when asked about his biggest gig, he views each event as the largest event he’s ever played. Whether it’s a wedding or a ticket to open for XYZ on ABC, his personal philosophy always rings true. “I cherish all the opportunities I have had,” Luka has said. It’s this perception that makes him a killer DJ each and every time. He brings multitudes of skills and experience to the table as a DJ, from his vast knowledge of music, to his expertise of reading and entertaining a crowd, and his ability to mix and remix music on the fly. He’s not afraid of being on stage, switching and scraping sounds if they’re not working. His attention to detail is supreme, and he is actually unable to recycle and replay the same set event after event. One thing remains consistent with Luka: he’s always looking to one up his previous self. To stop learning is to stop growing, and for Luka, that just wouldn’t cut it.

First Name Luka

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About My name is Luka Miller, and I am the founder of Icon Events (Luka Miller Entertainment). I have proudly been a part of the Wedding and entertainment industry for over 25 years, and have personally worked with over two-thousand couples on their special day. Your wedding is the most important celebration to you and those closest to you. As your entertainment provider, I want to give you and your guests the most memorable and successful night. I don’t just come into your reception and click play. Each wedding is unique to the couple and their guests. Having an entertainment provider who has diverse knowledge in music, partnered with seamless mixing skills will help guarantee a great night. I am personally invested in your day and will work side-by-side with you through every step of the way in crafting your perfect reception. Together we will have one-on-one planning meetings, and I will provide you with the knowledge and tools you need to help plan your night. You will also have access to my easy-to-use music planning App to help customize your night to your personal music tastes. I am the current National VP of the CDJA and President of the Niagara Chapter

Province Ontario

Area of Coverage Hamilton, Ancaster, Stoney Creek, Binbrook, Dundas, Burlington, Caledonia, Winona, Copetown, Mount Hope, Niagara, Jordan, Beamsville, Welland, Lincoln, Pelham, Fort Erie, Stevensville, Port Colborne, Dunnville, Wainfleet, Wellandport, Smithville, Cayuga, Port Dover, Jarvis, Simcoe, Hagersville, Brantford, Paris, Cambridge, Kitchener, Waterloo, Hespeler, Paris, Waterford, Rockton, Puslinch. Guelph, Freelton, Flamboro, Carlisle, Oakville, Mississauga, Milton, Las Vegas, New York, St Catharines, St Catherines, Hawaii, Dominican Republic, Cuba, Italy, Miami, Nashville, Savanah, Ontario, Saracuse, Worldwide




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