CDJA Membership Benefits

The CDJA is dedicated to furthering our industry in terms of professionalism and industry standards.

Our Association includes over 280 members across Canada . In addition to our mandate, we define opportunities and options for promotion, education, ethics and service.The main benefits our members enjoy include:  

CDJ Show

Best Industry Tradeshow In Canada.

Chapter Rebates

National rebate funds for all Chapters.

Insurance Policy

Exclusive competitively priced policy.


Connect Music Licensing

Cost-effective exclusive agreement.

Insurance Options

Health, dental, disability, liability, equipment and more.


Educational Programs

National education programs.

Monthly Newsletter

News of relevant and current topics of our trade.

National Website Listing

Company listing and promotion on CDJA Website.

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There has never been a more exciting time to join the CDJA as we celebrate our 40th anniversary of setting the standards in our industry. Join the 200+ members we currently have to start enjoying the benefits listed above and detailed below!

We look forward to welcoming you to our association today!


Membership Benefit Details

Exclusive Liability Insurance Options

The insurance policy offered to the CDJA members is the only one of its kind in Canada.  The policy has been negotiated with  coverage options that no other DJ Policies offer at the most competitive pricing in North America. This policy is evaluated by 4 independent brokers at $1000 per year and is attainable through the CDJA for $114 per year for the basic policy.

The Other Insurance Options

We are the leader in offering competitive Insurance opportunities for Canadian DJs. Current options include Health and Dental Plans, Hosting Insurance, Disability Insurance, DJ Liability and Equipment Insurance.

National Rebate Funds

The CDJA offers National rebate money to operate chapter business which allows the Chapter to set its own course of actions as determined by the goals set by the local membership.  Elected Executives register the needs and goals of the local body and channel their directives into quality events and projects.

Connect Music Licensing Program

The lowest priced program solely negotiated agreement for all DJs in Canada.  When buying Connect Music Licensing, consider paying only one price for your licensing needs.  A standard $125 per licence is all it costs. We are committed to saving our members money where possible.

The National Resource Library

The only one of its kind in Canada for DJs.  The CDJA has set up a National library for our members to borrow (by application) materials from our archives.  Tapes, DVDs, CDs, books, and promotion objects are available for members use by scheduled ordering.

Monthly Newsletter

This electronic newsletter is sent to those members who sign up for it.  The newsletter is filled with current events, ideas, commentary, opinions and articles on relevant, current topics of our trade.

Promotion and Advertising

Each member of the CDJA is listed and promoted on the National website. Many chapters also have individual websites as well.

Educational Program

A national educational program is under development and will be launched soon.

Are you looking for a DJ or Entertainer

CDJA members are skilled entertainment professionals committed to our associations high standards. Search for members via our database.

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