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There has never been a more exciting time to join the CDJA as we celebrate 40+ years of setting the standards in our industry. Join the 200+ members we currently have to start enjoying the benefits listed above and detailed below!

The Canadian Disc Jockey Association from 1976 and onward… For over 40 years, the CDJA has been the DJ Association of choice in Canada. We are honoured to be the oldest, chaptered, National DJ Association in the world. Our membership now stretches from Coast to Coast and is primarily based in Chaptered groups in some of Canada’s major cities.

We are here to ensure that consumers have access to professional and reliable Disc Jockey services with trained, insured and skilled DJ’s that our customers can count on for the highest level of service.


The Canadian Disc Jockey Association holds its members to conducting their business at a high level of quality and ethics. Membership in the CDJA is an opportunity for all of the members to grow individually as well as grow our industry as a whole.


– Insurance: Liability, Health, Life
– Connect Music Licensing
– Special Discounts: On DJ Gear, Music Subscriptions
– Education, Training, Networking, Fellowship
– Townhall Meetings
– Monthly Newsletter
– National Website Listing


We look forward to welcoming you to our association today!
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Member Discount and Incentive Program (CDJA MDIP)

Vendor List

In an ongoing effort to provide our members with benefits, we are pleased to offer these discounts and deals to CDJA members.


Storwell Self Storage – Storwell Self Storage has been providing high quality self-self storage solutions in the GTA for over 20 years. Storwell’s facilities in Scarborough, Etobicoke, and Mississauga all have the latest security features including individually alarmed units and passcode gate access, giving you the peace of mind that your belongings are being well taken care of. As members of the CDJA, new customers to Storwell Self Storage will receive a 10% discount on their first self-storage unit rental, subject to availability.

For more information on unit sizes and to get a free quote go to:

Alternatively, you can visit the closest facility in person to demo a unit:


LeafBox Concepts Inc. – 15% OFF base rental price applicable to daily, weekend, weekly packages. FREE Wi-FI and TV Access for first time use only.


Marquee Show – Visit for details. Save $50.00 on all full educational passes.


GTR Industries – Dealer pricing on their products.


AV Shop – 5% discount across most brands.


The Pro Event Shop – A standard 5% off all items at the Pro Event Shop. There are times when discounts more than the 5% are available. Members are asked to contact Michael Wood directly at 1-888-686-1179 or to try and put together better package deals.

***************************************************** – We manufacture PREMIUM ‘Black & White’ GLASS GOBOS ONLY (no metal or colour). Cost for a standard Glass Gobo is $89.99 plus shipping and handling (duplicate of the same graphic is $70 each) and there is no extra charge for different Gobo sizes (we carry most of the common sizes). NO charge for Rush orders unless your order is received within 24 hours of your deadline date whereby a $50 charge will apply. 1-2 days turnaround time for processing once the order has been received and 2-4 business days for shipping (Rush shipping, if required is charged straight across). ‘B’ size metal rings can now be included if required. We can convert most Raster to Vector graphics (depending on the image) if you don’t have a Vector source file. Prices do vary and are discussed upfront. Our preferred payment method is Interac e-Transfer, however, we can also process credit cards via PayPal for an additional fee.


ZipDJ – 25% discount on all renewal packages including month to month for all CDJA members. The reduced rates look like this:

* 1-month:  $37.50 (reg. $50)
* 3-month:  $101.25 (reg. $135)
* 6-month:  $180.00 (reg. $240)
* 12-month: $315.00 (reg. $420)


Xtendamix – 15% Bonus in extra download credits.


Presentations 2 Go & Canada AV – Up to 10% off new gear.


PA Shop – 10% off accessories only. Additional discounts are available on a case-by-case basis. Please contact the PA Shop for a quote request.


Multi Music Group ERG Music – 10% off any of our subscription products or services.


Connect Music Licensing – CDJA Members receive a discounted rate of only $125.00 + provincial tax, per License required


Arts & Entertainment Plan – The website will give you a price quote in just two steps and it enables you to enroll in the plan and pay online by credit card. Once you’re registered you’ll have access to a new member portal where you can login and view your account details. For more information about the costs and benefits of the Arts & Entertainment Plan® you can go here.

Membership pricing

CDJA membership runs from July 1st – June 30th and is $300.00+tax.

A Pro-Rated amount is available for new members and it will cover you until June 30.

All prices are subject to GST or HST (as is applicable in your province) to your fee totals.

Once you are a member, you will then be able to take advantage of our Early Bird Pricing. Early Bird renewals will save $50.00 each year you renew within the Early Bird period.

Payments can be sent over in one of two methods, E-Transfer or Cheque. Please membership application for further info.


All Fields marked with an asterisk* are Mandatory.

All New and Returning Members must ensure all data is “up to date and correct” with the National Office.

Please read and fill in this form each year in order to keep our records accurate and complete.

New Members: Please read the Constitution, Code Of Ethics, and Privacy Policy. Call the Toll Free number at 1-844-235-2357 for any unanswered questions.

Please provide the full legal name of the company.
If the company is a partnership, please provide the full names of the partners.
If the company is a sole proprietorship, please provide the full name of the owner.

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Connect Music Licence

The CDJA offers a discount to all members for connect music licence at a rate of $125.00 plus tax as application in your province.

All annual DJ Licenses are valid for 1 year from the date of purchase.

You need a CONNECT Music Licensing DJ licence if:

You are creating reproductions of sound recordings (on a computer hard drive, CD-Rs, cassettes or mini-discs).
You do not need a CONNECT Music Licensing DJ license if:

You are only using the original LP’s/cassettes/CD’s you purchased in a record store.
You are only using cassettes/CD’s/CD-R’s you have leased from a CONNECT Music Licensing licensed music supply services such as Multi Music, Promo Only, or IEG (Jukebox Trivia).


Connect Music Licensing Frequently Asked Questions
DJ Licensing Questions

Q: Why is Re:Sound contacting me about my DJ licence instead of CONNECT Music Licensing?
A: CONNECT Music Licensing collects reproduction royalties on behalf of master rights owners of sound recordings, and Re:Sound collects performance royalties on behalf of the same rights owners.  In summer 2016, CONNECT Music Licensing partnered with Re:Sound to streamline processes and increase efficiencies.  Through this initiative, licensing activities for both organisations were consolidated into one process with Re:Sound administering the DJ licences on CONNECT Music Licensing’s behalf.

Q: I’m a DJ and I play only store bought CD’s, Cassettes, and vinyl, do I need a licence?
A: No.

Q: I’m a DJ and I download all of my songs from iTunes, do I need a licence?
A: Yes. The iTunes Terms of Sale prohibit commercial use. When you obtain the CONNECT Music Licensing Standard “All-in-one” DJ licence it permits you to use those iTunes downloads for a commercial purpose (such as DJ’ing).

Q: I’m a DJ and I want to transfer and store all of my CD’s onto a Hard Drive to play at shows, do I need a licence?
A: Yes, you would require a CONNECT Music Licensing Standard “All-in-one” DJ Licence ($331.55 + gst/hst)

Q: Can I put downloaded music onto the hard drive?
A: Yes, but it must be from a CONNECT Music Licensing approved source (e.g. iTunes)

Q: Is an ipod or mp3 device considered a hard drive source?A: Yes. If you are using your ipod or mp3 player for a commercial purpose (such as background music or DJ’ing) a CONNECT Music Licensing Standard “All-in-one” DJ licence is required.

Q: I run a dance school and our instructors use copies of sound recordings either on CD-R’s or ipods, do I need a licence?
A: Yes, if your instructors are using copies of sound recordings as background music for their classes, you will need to obtain a CONNECT Music Licensing Standard “All-in-one” DJ licence for each classroom. Even though a dance school is technically not a “DJ”, the copies and use of the sound recordings is the same (performance to the public).

Q: How long does it take for a license to be processed?
A: If you purchase your licence online, you will receive a confirmation by email within a few minutes and a display license within a few business days

Q: Will I need to bring my display license with me to every venue that I DJ at?
A: Yes, the display license is your proof that you obtained permission for the copied sound recordings you are playing

Q: What are the benefits of being licensed?
A: Being licensed shows your client that you are a professional, that you respect the rights of the creators of the music that is the backbone of your business, and that you are guaranteeing the quality of the sound recordings you have copied.

Q: Do you have to own a company to obtain a licence?
A: No, CONNECT Music Licensing can licence an individual or a company

Q: If I register now as an individual and I become a company later on, is the membership still good for the company?
A: If you provide us with notice that you have registered your company, and return the display licence with your name on it, we will provide you with a new display licence with your company name on it

Q: Should I wait until my company becomes registered?
A: No, you should become licensed before you make copies of sound recordings, regardless of your status as a corporation. You do not need to be a registered business in order to obtain a CONNECT Music Licensing standard “All-in-one” DJ licence.

Q: Can anyone be licensed or are there some restrictions?
A: Anyone who is making copies of sound recordings for public performance must be licensed, regardless of whether they are receiving compensation for the performance

Q: If I want to start using music videos that i’ve purchased from iTunes in my DJ services, do I need an additional licence for that?
A: Yes, a CONNECT Music Licensing Video Road Show agreement would be required in order to use the iTunes video downloads for a commercial purpose (such as DJ’ing).

Q: If I subscribe to a CONNECT Music Licensing licensed Music Supply Service Company, do I need a separate CONNECT Music Licensing DJ licence?
A: If you are only using the content supplied to you by one of CONNECT Music Licensing’s licensed Music Supply Service companies then you do not require any further licensing. However, if you are also using any copies of sound recordings on a hard drive source or CD-Rs that have been copied from your store bought CD’s/vinyl/etc… OR you have downloaded songs from iTunes in addition to the content you are subscribed to then you will require an additional CONNECT Music Licensing Standard “All-in-one” DJ licence.

Q: Do I need a SOCAN licence to perform someone else’s song at a large venue?
A: The venue would require a licence from SOCAN for that use. You can check with the venue first to see if they already have a SOCAN licence in place to cover any performance of sound recordings in their venue. SOCAN also offers a single event licence for such use if the venue doesn’t have the licence in place but you want to ensure that you’re covered; please contact for more information

Q: What is the difference between CONNECT Music Licensing and SOCAN and Re:Sound?
A: CONNECT Music Licensing collects on behalf of the master rights owners of sound recordings and collects reproduction royalties. SOCAN collects on behalf of the composers and authors of sound recordings and collects performance royalties. Re:Sound collects on behalf of the master rights owners of sound recordings and collects performance royalties.  By way of example, if you are playing COPIED sound recordings from your hard drive, you require a CONNECT Music Licensing licence.  The performance royalties collected by SOCAN and Re:Sound are the responsibility of the venues.

The Insurance Application can be found on the bottom of this page.


Insurance Benefits

Exclusive liability insurance options.
The insurance policy offered to the CDJA members is the only one of its kind in Canada. The policy has been negotiated with coverage options that no other DJ policies offer at the most competitive pricing in North America. This policy is evaluated by 4 independent brokers at $1000 per year and is attainable through the CDJA for $114 per year for the basic policy.


Can I increase the liability coverage from $2 million to $5 million?

Yes, liability can be increased from the standard $2 million to $5 million upon insurance application for an additional $250 + tax. Simply include the request with your insurance application and an updated invoice will be sent to you.

Can specific venues I work at be added to my policy under the commonly referred to term of “Also Insured”?

Yes, they can be listed at the time of policy application or requested at any time after the policy has been issued. There is no extra charge with BrokerLink Insurance for this. Documentation will be sent to the insured member from the insurance company as proof of an “also insured” venue having been added to the policy.

Am I required to fully list out the equipment (property) I want covered by my insurance policy?

Yes, a full listing of equipment to be covered by the policy must be sent in with the insurance application. This list should include the make, model, serial number, replacement value, etc. for each piece of equipment. An easy to use sample spreadsheet for this list is available for download in the Member Benefits area.

Are laptops and music libraries covered?

Laptops may be listed for coverage on your equipment list and covered for the replacement value you identify. Music library replacement is not covered. Simply backup your music library through a service like Dropbox or offsite external hard drive to decrease the likelihood of losing it.

Can Photobooths be covered within the liability and property insurance program?​​​​​​

Yes, photobooths can be covered but are required to be added as an extra “system” at time of application because they can be operated on their own (without the DJ system for which liability is included). Provided the photobooth equipment is listed under the equipment listing, they are covered as insured property as well.

Is my equipment covered at a venue while un-attended (day/overnight)?

Yes, provided there is a reasonable provision of security such as venue staff in/out of the room and doors locked when no venue staff are inside​​.

Is my equipment covered while stored at a secondary address such as a storage locker?

Yes, provided the secondary address has been sent to the insurance broker to be added to the policy.

Is equipment (property) that I routinely rent out covered by insurance policy?

No, property coverage only extends to the policy holder’s use of the equipment. Coverage does not apply when the equipment is being rented out to another DJ or customer.

Is equipment that I rent from another company for my own use covered by this insurance policy, or should I purchase separate coverage for this equipment?

Equipment that is rented for use by the policy holder is covered up to a maximum equipment value of $5000 (deductible is $500). No equipment list needs to be submitted, but if a claim is made, a dated copy of proof of rental (for equipment being claimed) will need to be submitted. Equipment that the policy holder rents out to other DJs, as detailed in another FAQ, is NOT covered.

Is damage to equipment caused by overland flooding covered?

Yes, but the deductible for this type of claim is very high.

Can I simply have my home insurance cover my equipment?

In some cases, this is possible, but home insurance generally only covers contents while they are at the home. The moment they leave (in transport or at an event), the equipment no longer has any coverage. Our specially designed program is designed to cover equipment while in storage, in transport and while at events.

How do I make a claim?

Simply contact our dedicated insurance broker, Don Wales, at BrokerLink Insurance.

The above information has been provided by BrokerLink Insurance. The CDJA does not guarantee that the above information is correct as things can change regarding your policy and is not responsible for the changes that are made. The CDJA will update the info above if there are any changes from BrokerLink Insurance as we are notified.

Insurance Policy Form

Please click the button below to view the CDJA Constitution.

CDJA Constitution
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