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What is the Canadian Disc Jockey Association (CDJA) and why is it important to hire a professional DJ?

As the premier DJ Association in Canada for over 40 years, we have Members across this great country.

We have a few mandates as a non-profit organization.  One, is to assist the DJ industry in business growth, music and licensing across the country.

The second, and most important is for you, the consumer.  

Our goal is to educate and inform consumers.  A smart client is an informed client.

When interviewing a DJ (you ARE interviewing them!), ask them things about requests, clean versions of songs, backup equipment and even how they dress.

Click here for the full list of items you should ask during the interview.

As a member of the CDJA, we ensure that DJs operate their business at the highest level of quality and ethics. They are professional, reliable, trained and skilled.

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cdjawpThanks so much for using our DJ Finder